semper reformanda: The Reformation and the Future of the Church in Europe

St Mellitus College, London

The Reformation always claimed to be, at its heart, a rediscovery of the Gospel. This is an academic conference on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, for clergy, church leaders and theologians, reflecting on the revolution that Luther started in 1517. This year will hold many opportunities to think about the past, but this conference offers an opportunity to look forward as much as backwards and ask, ‘what does the Reformation have to say to the church today, and facing the challenges of Europe in particular in the future?’

It will be a fascinating and important day for the future of the church. More details will appear here in due course.

Confirmed speakers

Rt Revd Dr Graham Tomlin, Dr Charlotte Methuen, Monsignor Mark Langham, Dr Hannah Steele, Dr Renie Choy, Revd Dr Sean Doherty, Revd Dr Mark Scarlata, Revd Dr Michael Leyden, Mark Knight, Dr Steve Smith.